First visit to the Moma

So today, or tonight, I should say (it’s currently 1Am) I am going to tell you guys about my first visit to the Museum of Modern Art. I don’t know WHY I chose to make a blog post about this NOW, seeing as I went over a month ago. Oh well. Better late than never. […]

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I hate how mental disorders are not taken as seriously as physical illnesses

Mental illness is seen as something that the person needs to manage and if they aren’t getting better, well then they’re not trying enough and they’re a burden on everyone else. I understand that there is some personal responsibility that an individual needs to take when it comes to their health. However, without enough support, […]

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A change is coming?

So today I noticed alot of small changes in my self. I motivated myself enough to get out of bed, showered and all that and actually stayed out my room for a while. Later on when I was feeling shitty instead of reverting to my unhealthy coping habits I did a face mask. I even […]

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Self Caaaree!!

Okay so I did some self-care the other day. Managed to get my butt out of bed and take care of the essential shit.. so take that depression! I even treated myself to a honey face mask too 😄 I’m trying to keep up with my skin care regimen as well. Consistency is key and […]

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Okay!! First Post

So this is my first post on this personal blog of mine. A blog with zero direction. No focus. Sporadic like my brain. A little about me: I am a recently oung black woman who was recently diagnosed with Adhd. I also have Depression and Social anxiety. I’m currently struggling, trying to cope with my […]

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